What are the Ranks on SKrafty?

Different players have different ranks on SKrafty. We have Admin, Mod, Helper, Jedi-master helper, Jedi Master, Princess, Hulk, Spiderman, and GameMaster. The following is a breakdown:

Admin: The admin rank belongs solely to the Syx family who are the owners of SKrafty.

Mod: Mod rank belongs to an awesome group of mostly SKrafty parents who are moderators on SKrafty. This rank is invite only and can only be held by adults.

Helper: Helper rank is given to players who are helpful to others on the server. A helper can be nominated by another player, mod, or admin. Anyone who is interested in the helper rank should demonstrate helper behavior on the server as a way of playing and not by keeping tally of the number of people they help. They can leave a note with an application in SuperMom767’s Office in Imaginethat2.

Donation Ranks JediMaster, Princess, Hulk, Spiderman, and GameMaster are given in appreciation to players who help to keep SKrafty running by donating. Players can rank up to one of these at the link below:

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