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I do not believe in asking for money because if God wants this to continue then He will provide the way. I only ask that you to lift up this ministry in prayer. Invite others, and if you see value in what we are doing here are the ways you can help financially.

  1. The gaming side runs on donations. These donations help us with all the development, hosting and making everything safer. We have a yearly and monthly rank up options. The donators will get a special donation rank title in the game like JediMaster, GameMaster, SpiderMan, Princess or Hulk. Donors also get in game perks. Click here to learn more:

  2. Become a Subscriber. We are constantly adding value to the subscriptions. Classes, events, discounts etc.. Click here to learn more. Become a combo Subscriber with Rank Up.. This is the most valuable package we have. You get all the classes plus a donator rank at a discounted rate.
    Click here to learn more.

  3. Sign up for the Chore Reward system. A fun way to give in game rewards for real world chores. More info here:

  4. Let us host a Birthday party for you on SK and invite all of your SK friends. More info here:

  5. Invite a friend. We have to capacity for thousands more players to be added.. Spread the word.

  6. If you are a blogger then post about us.

  7. If you have a homeschool group then contact us to find out how we can assist.

  8. Ask us about our site license options for your organization.

Obviously for us to provide better support and continue with the projects we have lined up for this year then we need your support. We want to thank you guys for your support. May God bless you and your families.

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