Are there hostile mobs like creepers and zombies on SKrafty?

There are no hostile mobs in the class servers.  

They are in the survival worlds.  However these are very cartoonish and not scary.  The creepers are actually used to get gun powder.  The gun powder is used for crafting TNT.  TNT is used for mining and other things.  Zombies aren't really useful they just try and defeat your player which adds an element of challenge.

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    Zombies drop things when they die, that can be useful in game. At times they can drop armor, or tools and even carrots and potatoes that you can use to grow more food. They also drop bad meat that can be used to feed your dogs or trade with a villager. Zombies only come out at night and the sun kills them. They attack (rather touch) villagers and turn them into Zombies, this allows the player something to protect and nurture in game. This of course is better for older audiences and is only in survival, but my son and I have fun protecting our villager friends.

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