What are the Rules and Guidelines for KitPVP?  Is it just a free for all or what?  Is teaming allowed?

Kit PVP is a free for all battle, and sometimes players choose to team even though it isn’t really part of the game. Their goal is to get as many defeats as they can to get their stats up and improve their skills. Players new to this game sometimes struggle at first but eventually get the hang of it. Is teaming allowed? There is no way to control whether or not other players make the team signal to one another so it is allowed from that perspective. The more mature respectful players would not team up against a weaker player as there is no fun in that. We have done a few things to give new players a fighting chance by creating portals to randomly spawn players within the game.

A couple of suggestions/tips..1) Many times players do not look at chat for team requests and don’t even see it. 2) Look at it from the perspective of getting back in there and building up skills rather than being distressed about getting defeated. 3) Grab a friend and go to jr KitPVP and practice together. It’s meant to be a training ground.

Bottom Line: This is a battle game and there is no expectation of players to team and/or go easy on anyone. If KitPVP is causing emotional distress for someone then I would suggest taking a break and trying one of the other many games we have on SKrafty. Maybe coming back later to work on the PVP skills when it’s calmed down. Something we tell our kids when they get upset about it is to remember that it’s just a game and give them the “get back on the bike” speech.

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