How do I start playing?


  • To play you need to be whitelisted.  This means you need to register to be added to the SKrafty server.  If you are a full class subscriber you do not need to be whitelisted to play.  Whitelist is part of the subscription.
    • (prereq) To get whilelisted you must have a Minecraft account to play on the computer version of Minecraft.  If you do not already have an account you can sign up for one at
    • This server is a whitelisted server which means everyone will have to be approved to join. We check all users for previous bans on other servers and will only approve previously banned users on an individual case by case basis.  If you are a player with a ban and would like to explain your situation please email us to explain.
    • Go here to get Whitelisted to play.
      Video Help: How to get whitelisted
    • SKrafty IP address is:
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