What do I get with a class subscription?

Benefits of a SKrafty Edu Subscription

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  • Unlimited access to library of  SKrafty classes.
  • Includes current and new classes added
  • Includes live and self paced classes
  • View student’s quiz results
  • Certificate of Completion for each class
  • 24/7 Access to server
  • Moderated chat
  • New classes added frequently.
  • Pick and choose your classes
  • End of course PRINTABLE portfolio for each class which includes screen shots of projects and report card.  Portfolio will be sent via email.
  • BONUS:  50% off SKrafty Minecraft Birthday Party for subscribers

Multi Child Discount: Once you purchase the first subscription each additional family member is 50% off.  To receive the discount, purchase a subscription at original price for the first child then email with the subject line ADD TO SUBSCRIPTION including the number of additional children you will be adding.  We will reply back with a code to use for each additional child.

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